Time to contemplate

So I have been home for around 10 months.  Prior to this I had spent just about two years travelling the world.  Such a fantastic time.  I was able to travel the world and work on my ceramic art.  The Philippines, New Zealand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Latvia, Lithuania, Spain, Morocco, Laos, all over China… and so much more.

My eyes were really opened to another world, another way of life.  A life less about the rat race and money money money, and more about experiencing new things, new places and meeting new people.

I am at a turning point.  Where do I go from here?  The travel bug has bitten me big time and I have the need to leave the states again – long term.

Currently I have my eyes on the internet… ecommerce and digital marketing.  I would like to find some way to pull in an income that does not tie me down to one particular location.



12 layover in Beijing

I spent three months in Jingdezhen making my art. I then left for the Philippines and New Zealand for a few months.

The Philippines were great. I will go back there. New Zealand. I met many nice people, but have no reason to go back. It is to western. I felt like I was at home, but more expensive.

Anyway. I came back to Jingdezhen for another month. I love the place. Great for ceramic artists.

I left today to go to a symposium in Israel.

I will be back to Jingdezhen. Too much opportunity

Leaving Bali again.

Since my last post I left Bali and went too the country Georgia for one month. I participated in sculpture symposium and spent the rest off the time with friends and fellow artists.

I then left for Latvia for one month, participating in two different symposiums. Such a great time. I really love Latvia, especially Daugavpils.

I then went too Liling, China for a ceramic exhibition. Then off too Jingdezhen for there months of making art at the International Ceramic Studio.

Next I spent one month travelling the Philippines, great time. Then off to New Zealand. I was there for around 2.5 or three weeks. Nice, but not my cup of tea. Shoo I left for Bali and spent 27 days there. I love Bali.

Unfortunately I had too leave Bali last night and am currently sitting at the airport in Bejing, waiting to fly to Nanchang and then grab a bus too Jingdezhen.

In a few weeks I go to Israel for a ceramic symposium and then travel around and see the country.

Then….. Well then maybe I go home and take a break from travelling for a bit.

Relaxing in Bali

I had to leave China due to my visa expiring.  I figured I would go to Bali to relax, spend one month and do nothing more than, swim, work on my tan and plan my future trip.

I like Bali.  The weather is great.  It is pretty cheap.  I am staying in a very nice place in Ubud, big room, kitchen, swimming pool.  Not bad at all.

I am renting a scooter for eleven bucks a week.  I am able to travel around the island at my will.  I love driving in Bali.  I have grown up riding motorcycles, so riding a scooter is a no brainer.  When I lived in Los Angeles I rode my motorcycles everyday, you were able to split lanes and do things that you could not do in a car.  When I moved back to the midwest I stopped riding.  Too many rules.  You could not split lanes, so I went back to driving my Jeep.  Why risk my life on a motorcycle if I have to follow the same rules as a car?  Boring.

I love driving in Bali, the rules of the road…  ??? Are there rules of the road?  I feel that here it is more a matter of common sense.  Sure some may feel that they drive crazy here, but it is a controlled crazy and I love it.  If you have never rode a scooter or motorcycle I would question whether you should rent a scooter in Bali.  It is an adventure.  What I tell these people who are interested and have never rode a bike before is to drive at a comfortable speed, stay to the left and let people pass you if they want.

If I drove, like I do in Bali, back in the states, I would have my license taken from me.  This is why I enjoy riding in Bali.  I can have fun and do things that I am usually not allowed to do.

Today I took a spin on the scooter with no destination in mind, just had fun speeding around, seeing the sites, enjoying the smells, not the exhaust from that big truck in front of me, but the smell of the incense from the temples.

I was in Bali three months ago and explored the island, so this time I am relaxing, sleeping in, working out, lounging by the pool and just doing nothing… and I love it.

My past career was working in Hollywood, shooting T.V. shows, I grew sick of it and left, never want to do it again.  I found clay and fell in love with ceramics.  I am currently travelling the world because of my ceramic art.

In my last residency, in Fuping, China, I met an artist that rekindled the fire for my interest in shooting video.  I am starting to play around again, shooting some footage with my phone and editing it together into a little something.  I will be going to the country Georgia in a few weeks and I may document this sculpture festival with video, so I am excited to get back into shooting and editing.  After that I will go to Latvia and do the same, I will document a fire sculpture symposium.  It should be fun.



See you soon Fuping.

I said goodbye to Fuping but yet again.  I spent the past three weeks there, my visa came to an end so I had to make a getaway…. what better place than back to Bali?

I am back in Ubud, staying at the same place I visited three months ago.  Beautiful, quiet area, nice big room and a beautiful pool.

My plan?  My plan is to…………………. well I plan on running everyday, get back to a regular workout schedule, plenty of pool time and work on that tan.

I am happy to say that I am invited back to Fuping anytime, so that is great.  Now I will be here for 30 days, maybe more.  It depends on some other projects I am working on.

Things are moving along…

WeChat Image_20170506154154I am always amazed at the Chinese workers and how they get things done.  I feel us Americans think too much whereas they go and do… now that has worked out great for me so far, but maybe this is not always the best solution in every case.  Everything went well.  Twelve large sculptures and eight huge platters all made it into the kiln for a bisque fire today.

There was one piece in particular that I was wondering how they were going to move, but damn, they did it and they did it well.  It was really interesting to see how they move big pieces by using a big piece of cloth that they wrap around the base of the piece and then, with four or five people they lift and move the piece.

WeChat Image_20170506154230

All my work is in the kiln and the studio is empty… now I wait… and do some glaze tests.

WeChat Image_20170506154310

WeChat Image_20170506154317

This is the kiln I have been looking for…

Made it back to Fuping

20170430_093132Yixing was a great experience.  I spent two weeks in the city of Chinese teapots and met many, many great artists.  What a blast.


Symposiums are fun.  They are short, a very short time to make ceramic work, but it can be done.  I would never have thought my work would make it into the kiln, due to how wet they were.  They went in though, into the climbing kiln.


Such a fast firing, as far as I am concerned, but it turned out great.  I am very happy with my work, which I had to leave there and is now part of an Yixing museum.


So now I am in Fuping, waiting to fire my sculptures here.  I have allot to do and must leave China by the 21st of May but can turn around and come back for 90 more days, before I need a new visa.

Maybe I go back to Bali for one month, then return to China for another 3 months.  We will see.

Yixing bound

I have spent a fabulous six weeks in Fuping, China. 

I was invited to stay and make my art. Fuping pottery village is pretty darn incredible. So much ceramic  art from around the world. I am honored to have been invited. 

Other than the lack of heat, I could not have asked for a better experience.  Whatever I needed they could accommodate. 

I created many large sculptures and platters. I am very proud of what I accomplished. 

Everyone was so incredibly helpful.  I have made many new friends. 

Now I am in the Xian airport waiting to fly to Yixing for a symposium that Vilma Villaverde invited me to. I am looking forward to the next two weeks. I will meet new friends and see other artists that I have recently become acquainted with. 

Though I am sad to leave Fuping I am happy at the thought that I will return in a couple of weeks.   I need to go back and fire my work and hopefully set up for an exhibition. 

If my flight is not delayed I hold be boarding in 15 minutes. 

Spent the last couple of days in volcanos.

Two days ago I stayed at Mt. Bromo.  I woke up at 3am to catch a 3:30 jeep to the panoramic vies to see Mt. Bromo and the other two volcanos.  It was a fun ride in the back of this Jeep, well it was not really a Jeep, but a Jeep type vehicle.  Anywho it was a fun ride across the black sand desert to climb up the mountain to the view point.

I was here during the low season, but still, sooooo many Jeeps and people, it was crazy.  We got to the viewpoint around 4:30 and the sun would rise at 5:15.  There was a polish couple in my Jeep that I met.  Very nice people.  The guy totally reminded of the act0r Chrisoph Waltz, in that the way he looked.  We joked about how cloudy it was and how they spent their last couple of trips going to see sunrises at temples and all they say were clouds.

The sun rose and it was nothing but clouds.  We could not see a thing.  So we laughed it off and went back to our Jeep.  On our way down the mountain we asked to stop at another view point.  This made our trip worthwhile.  Seeing Mt. Bromo and the other two volcanos, in the distance, was beautiful.

We then headed to the base of Mt. Bromo itself.  The Jeep let us out and we hiked about 30 minutes or so across the black sand desert and up to the rim of Mt. Bromo.

Mt. Bromo was spectacular.  So incredible to stand on the rim of a volcano and look down into the bowls of the earth.  The deep churning sounds and sulfur smoke that spewed from this hole in the earth was something I have never seen before.  Incredible to see this beautiful work of nature.  Something more incredible that man could have ever made.

I am so happy to have made this trip and visited Mt. Bromo.

Later that day, around 5:30pm I got into a rented car and was driven 7 hours to Ijen to see the blue flame.  Ijen opened at 1am.  Around 1:30ish my guide started us on our 1.5 to 2 hour hike up the mountain and down into the crater of Mt. Ijen.  What a great time that was.  It was pitch black, could not see much farther than my flashlight.  The hike was not bad at all, for me at least.

Once we made it to the rim of the volcano that is when things slowed down.  No the trail went from being 10 feet wide to being a single trek down into the crater.  It was fun and dangerous.  You could never do anything like this in the states, somebody would get sued.

We made it to the bottom of the crater and there were the blue flames bellowing out from the earth.  Pretty cool.  Something about the sulfur when it reacts with the air it turns this beautiful blue color.

I had a great time down here, but then the sulfur smoke spews out and overcomes us all.  You cannot see your hand in front of your face.  I was wearing a respirator and my eyes teared up and every breath I took burned my nose and throat.  I never had a panic attack, but right then and there I think I realized how one must feel.  My guide told me to squat down, get closer to the ground.  I squatted, closed my eyes and pressed my respirator tightly against my face and breathed as slowly and calmy as I could.  I knew there were many people around me, they were okay, so I was okay.  I was fine.  This was such a crazy experince.

There were many miners in the crater of Mt. Bromo.  They mine the sulfer and carry it out of the volcano.  Crazy.  If you saw the “trail” they have to climb on a daily basis with the weight of the sulfer they were carrying… you would easily pay their wages to not do that work.

Anywho.  Such a great time.  East Java has many volcanoes.

I am now in Singapore on a visa run.  Off to Bali next.






4 hr. taxi ride? WHAT?

So we left Yogyakarta heading to Mt. Bromo.  We took a train and stopped in Tulungagung, it looked like there eoulf be something to see. We got into town and could not find a scooter rental place anywhere. We found two people in the area that spoke a little bit of English. It seems that they stopped renting scooters and we decided that sites were not worth renting a car and took off the next morning to Malang to see Mt. Bromo. 

The 2 hour train ride was not bad. I have allot of Howard Stern to catch up on.

 We head out of the station waiting to be swindled  by a taxi.  I am expecting a 30 minute cab ride to the hotel. I learn, or at least I am told, that the hotel is 4 hours away, due to the route that must be taken. 

I am sweating my butt off, sucking in exhaust fumes as I sit in this cab heading to the volcano. 

Fortunately I still have allot of Stern to listen to.